Our clients often have very little ready cash, and rarely have any savings. For these reasons it is important that we help in any way we can. If you think you can help in any way, please get in touch.

Starter Packs

We consistently provide our clients with “Starter Packs” at the beginning of a tenancy with us. This pack costs about £10, and is made up of food and essential cutlery/crockery etc to begin an independent life. It is by no means comprehensive, but is designed to give clients a practical support when they most need it.

These packs are financed by cash donation.

Additional food

Most of our clients live on the basic state minimum income benefit (£47.95/week for someone aged under 25 at April 2009). This means that from time to time they find their budget stretched by those inconvenient expenses that come upon us all. In order to help out on an occasional basis, we can provide one extra food pack each month.

These food packs are provided by donation.

Food for rough sleepers

The food that we give to rough sleepers has to be appropriate to their needs. We try to provide food that does not need cooking, but that can easily be heated eg pot noodles that need only hot water. We also supply chocolate, biscuits, crisps and other foods that can be managed by someone with no fixed place to live. In hot weather with aim to provide water or soft drinks, and appeal to various local retailers, wholesalers and distributors.


The rough sleepers that we work with often have no change of clothes, and no dry bedding. We provide them with whatever donated clothing/bedding we have. Unfortunately, our storage facilities are modest in the extreme.

These resources are provided by donation – but our storage is restricted.

Other resources

From time to time we do appeal for items like beds and small furniture, usually for a specific client. Again, our storage is minimal, so if you respond to an appeal and we have to turn you down, please do not assume that we are not grateful, or that homeless people do not need or want these types of donation. Any refusal will be due to the immediate need being met.

Making Donations

If you would like to support our work with homeless people in Wakefield, please contact us using the methods available on the website.

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Regular Supporters

We thank the continued support of our regular donators:

  • Wakefield Cathedral
  • Christchurch, Ossett
  • Coca cola, Wakefield
  • Sainsburys, Wakefield